The field of Emergency Medical Services continues to evolve.  Because of this, Bell Ambulance employs a robust training program to make sure our pre-hospital, inter-facility, and critical care transport programs remain cutting edge.  Two members of our leadership team are dedicated full-time to initial and ongoing education of our staff.  They oversee a full-time quality assurance staff, and more than 20 Field Training Officers.  

Bell Ambulance Cadet Program

In 2016, the Bell Ambulance Foundation, Inc. created a program which allows people who are interested in healthcare to enter the field with no experience.  The Foundation pays all the costs associated with these students, while Bell pays them an hourly rate to attend an in-house EMT class taught by Lake Country Fire & Rescue.  Upon successful completion of the class, the students are offered a job as a Bell Ambulance EMT.

Paramedic Scholarship Program

In 2016, Bell created a scholarship program which allows select EMTs to attend a paramedic class at no cost.  This has resulted in countless Bell EMTs advancing to the paramedic level.

Critical Care Paramedic Training Program CCEMTP 

Bell provides opportunities for our paramedics to advance to the critical care paramedic level, through a Critical Care Transport program, which follows a curriculum created by the University of Maryland - Baltimore County.  Bell covers all costs of tuition, transportation, and lodging for select Bell paramedics to travel to these classes, which are offered throughout the United States.

CPR Classes

Bell arranges CPR classes, initial training and renewal, for our staff as well as staff from other healthcare fields.