Critical Care

All 21 of our Paramedic ALS ambulances are equipped for Critical Care services.

In addition to being the largest ambulance provider in Wisconsin, Bell Ambulance is also the largest and busiest Critical Care service in the State.  We utilize the University of Maryland - Baltimore County (UMBC) training program to certify our Critical Care Paramedics.  These Paramedics receive specialized training in order to prepare themselves to transport the most critically ill or injured patients. 

Patients who require Critical Care level care include:

Our Critical Care Units also carry over 50 medications, including:

We strive for excellence in Critical Care treatment and transport, both local and long-distance.  Bell Ambulance utilizes top-of-the line equipment including Zoll X-Series cardiac monitors, Hamilton T1 ventilators, McGrath Video Laryngoscopes, and Sapphire IV pumps.