Every Bell Ambulance is equipped with:

The Power-PRO XT is an innovative battery-powered hydraulic system that raises and lowers the patient with the touch of a button. The Stryker Power-PRO XT – now the industry standard of care. We are proud to say that every one of our ambulances, as well as all nine Liberty Bells, are equipped with this cot. Power cots greatly enhance patient comfort and crew safety.

Combined with Stryker's Power-PRO cots, the Stryker Power Load system eliminates the need to lift patients into the ambulance. With a 650 pound weight capacity and smooth operation this system is not only easier on the patient but helps prevent injuries to our employees.

The Stryker Stair-PRO chair utilizes the innovative Stair-TREAD system, which allows caregivers to transport patients down stairs without lifting.

In addition, every Bell Paramedic ALS ambulance is equipped with:

The X series is the latest Monitor/Defibrillator on the market. Our X series are optimized for the Critical Care Transport environment. Standard features include 12 lead acquisition and transmission, NIBP and external pacing. We are also able to monitor up to three invasive pressures as well as etCO2 and spo2 monitoring.

MedSystem III infusion pump

The MedSystem III is the lightest multi-channel IV pump on the market. It's both rugged and simple to use. It has a built in medication library and multiple modes from neonate to adult. Each of our Critical Care Ambulances carry two of these IV pumps. This enables us to take 6 IV infusions without having to take facility IV pumps.

ReVel Ventilator

All of our Critical Care Ambulances are equipped with the ReVel Ventilator. With The ReVel we are able to provide multiple ventilation modes including A/C, SIMV, CPAP and BIPAP. It supports Volume control, pressure control and PRVC breath modes. With the ReVel's advanced functions, ruggedness and light weight it is the ideal transport ventilator.

An emerging treatment option for patients with respiratory compromise is Optiflow (High volume humidified air/oxygen via high flow nasal cannula). We have invested in several devices to ensure we are able to continue Optiflow treatment during inter-facility transports. We are the only Ambulance service in Southeast Wisconsin to invest in the AIRVOW 2 Optiflow system.

The McGRATH® MAC enhanced direct laryngoscope (EDL) is a device that combines the benefits of both direct laryngoscopy (DL) and video laryngoscopy (VL).

In the event that a patient needs to be intubated while in our care, each of our ALS and Critical Care ambulances cary the McGrath Video Laryngoscopy. This device greatly increases the chances of successful intubation.

Additional equipment carried includes:

When inflated, a cushion of air beneath the mattress enables our EMTs and Paramedics to safely transfer patients without lifting or straining. The HoverMatt is ideal for bariatric patients as well as patients with decubitus ulcers, fractures or any condition where movement causes discomfort. Most of our ambulances are equipped with the HoverMatt.

A highly specialized piece of equipment, the HoverJack is used to safely lift injured bariatric patients off the floor. In conjunction with the HoverMatt we can safely move bariatric patients from the floor to the cot with minimal risk of injury to our crew members or the patient.

The AeroClave is used to disinfect vehicles and equipment with an EPA-approved, hospital-grade disinfectant at the push of a button.

The environmentally friendly disinfectant solution produces no harmful by-products for the environment, contains no VOCs and is 100% biodegradable.